Meet the Herd

Memphis our 17 year old Haflinger. He’s lived on our farm since he was a 3 year old colt. He’s fun and playful. We love him.

Gracie, our 11 year old Arabian. She’s very serious and likes to be in charge.

Apache was rescued from auction by Gerda’s Equine Rescue out of Townshend, VT.
He came here a scared and confused horse. Now he loves his life here at the farm. His best friend is Memphis.

Finnegan is our small, sweet eyed pony. He is all about Love and attention.

Luna. Quiet and keeps to herself. Loyal once she chooses you.

Maggie May likes being close. She especially enjoys grooming.

Tinsel is our youngest in the herd. She’s fiercely independent. She’s tiny, sweet, funny and adores our big guy Memphis.

Spirit Wulf our newest herd member! Sweet and Kind.